How To Clean Your Belly Button The Right Way? Read to Find Out

Bathing is essential for maintaining personal hygiene. However, a lot of people miss out on cleaning their belly buttons while having a bath. This can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, dirt and oil inside the navel, which in turn can cause navel stone. According to a report by Healthline, almost 67 types of bacteria gather inside the crevices of your belly button. Therefore, you must be cautious about keeping your navel clean.

This article curates some of the best ways to clean your belly button.

Soap, shower gel or mild shampoo

One of the most fundamental ways to clean your belly button is while taking a bath. You can use your regular soaps, shower gels, or mild shampoos to wash the navel region. After bathing, take a towel and gently scrub any remnants of water or soap until the belly button is dry.

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Salt has certain anti-bacterial properties, which serve to be a great ingredient to cleanse your belly button. All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of water with salt. Next, take a cloth, dab it in the water-salt solution and rub your belly button with it gently.

How to clean belly buttons with piercings?

If you’ve got your navel pierced, then it’s necessary to take extra care of your belly button. When the piercing gets completely healed, the first thing that you can do is take the accessory out. After that, dip a washcloth or cotton swab in a salt and water mixture and apply it gently to your belly button.

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Do not apply creams or lotions after cleaning it as over-moisturisation can lead to bacterial infection.

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