IFS Officer's Pictures of Odisha's 'Beach of Flowers' Has Left Internet Mesmerised

Photos shared by IFS officer Susanta Nanda have been garnering a lot of attention online. On Monday, the social media-savvy officer posted beautiful pictures of seashores in Odisha. The pictures show sandy shores covered with green vines and small pink flowers. Set against calm skies, with the ocean visible at some distance, the photos appeared to have been taken at Golden Beach and Niladri Beach in Puri.

In both the pictures that Nanda posted online, one can see a vast expanse of land covered with short plants. The coverage provided by the green foliage is so extensive that hardly any sand is visible. The plants appear to be in full bloom, with multiple funnel-shaped flowers with bright pink petals. Both pictures feature clear blue skies and clean shorelines.

Captioning the two images, Nanda wrote, “The ‘Beach of flowers’. Puri has two stretch of cleanest & most serene beaches- Golden& Niladri. Move over the Valley of flowers… Sand dunes covered with natural sand binders in full bloom.”

The Golden Beach of Puri has already received the prestigious Blue Flag certification. This certificate is granted when a beach meets rigorous criteria of safety, quality, and environmental management. The Odisha government is aiming to get the certification for multiple other beaches, including Niladri beach, according to The Times of India.

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The natural sand binders that Nanda is talking about refer to the flowering plants that are blooming along the beach. These are perennially flowering vines that can cover almost 100 feet in a single vine. However, the plants’ expansion is largely horizontal. They do not grow more than a few inches vertically. Aside from the pretty flowers, which only open once in the morning, the leathery leaves are also unique. They look like the imprint of a goat’s foot, leading to the plant being called a “Goat’s foot vine”.

Nobody can disagree with the fact that they take the scenic beauty of the landscape they cover several notches higher.

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