In Viral Video, Antelope Uses Curved Horn To Escape Lion’s Attack

Many wildlife videos of a tiger or lion attacking its prey often appear on social media. A similar video is making rounds on Instagram in which a sable antelope is seen using his curved horns to escape the attack of a lion. The agile reaction of the antelope to save itself from the lion has left many users baffled. The viral clip, shared on Instagram from a handle, opens with a lion pouncing on a sable antelope, which was drinking water at a small pond. Within seconds the tables turn, and in defence, the antelope uses its curved horn to get the lion off its back. The lion jumps into the pond in an attempt to save itself. The quick reaction of the antelope helped it to escape the attack.

The caption of the Instagram Reel read: “The Best Offense is a Good Defence. A sable antelope utilizes its curved horns to get a lion off its back.”

Instagram users have a mixed reaction to the baffling snippet. One of the users said, “Isn’t God’s design incredible? Curved horns. Awesome.”

Another user wrote in the comments, “That lion is lucky the horns didn’t puncture its body.”

One user mentioned, “Be it a lion or a tiger or any cat, they are highly afraid of horns.”

Here take a look at the video:

Most animal videos tend to go viral on social media sites. This one was no different with over 1 million views since it was uploaded.

Top showsha video

There was another such video featuring a gazelle and an antelope which was top of the charts on the Internet a month ago. The video, from the famous Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, showed how a clever gazelle managed to trick a lioness.

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The lioness was waiting among the bushes for the prey and ran after it. But the gazelle was up to the task and ran in a zig-zag manner to avoid being caught.

Such videos are amazing as well as entertaining to watch. Earlier another predator and prey video went viral of a lioness chasing a gazelle. The lioness ran with all its vigour but the gazelle cunningly runs in a zig-zag manner without losing its speed.

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