Independence Day 2022: Did You Know These 5 Countries Share Their I-Day With India On August 15?

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 2022: India will be celebrating its 76th Independence Day on August 15. The celebration of Independence Day reminds us of the history of India’s freedom struggle and the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters for the nation. The day also marks a grateful nation’s tribute and respect to thousands of freedom fighters, who relentlessly fought to end the 200-year long British rule.

However, India is not the only country that celebrates Independence Day on August 15. Apart from India, countries like North Korea, South Korea, Congo, Bahrain, and Liechtenstein celebrate the day in commemoration of the birth of an independent nation. Let’s look at how these countries reclaimed their independence.

North Korea and South Korea

India’s Asian neighbour South Korea also celebrates its National Liberation Day or Gwangbokjeol on August 15. Gwangbokjeol marks the end of Japanese rule of Korea

Independence Day in North Korea and South Korea is known as ‘National Liberation Day of Korea,’ and it is the only common public holiday observed by both countries. The celebrations of this day came into being on August 15, 1945, when United States and Soviet forces ended Japan’s occupation of the Korean peninsula during World World II. Like India and Pakistan, Korea was divided (after three years) into North Korea and South Korea.

IN PICS: On August 15, India Will Celebrate its Independence Day With These Nations

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Central African country Congo, which gained independence from France on August 15, 1960, also celebrates the day as Congolese National Day

August 15, 1960, marked Independence Day for Congo. The people of the country every year celebrate August 15 as the Congo National Day. It was on this day Congo gained complete independence from France, ending 80 years of French colonial rule.

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The West Asian nation declared its independence on August 15. Though it does not observe the day as its national day, it gained independence from the Britishers on this day

Bahrain was also subject to British colonial rule which eventually ended on August 15, 1971, more than two decades after India got its freedom. Bahrain attained independence when the United Nations did a survey of the Bahraini population. It was after that the British announced withdrawal of its troops. Bahrain does not celebrate its Independence Day on this date. Instead, it celebrates December 16 as National Day to commemorate the ascent to the throne of the late ruler Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa.


Lichtenstein also celebrates its Independence Day on August 15 and calls it Staatsfeiertag

Liechtenstein, the world’s sixth smallest country in the European Alps between Austria and Switzerland, was liberated from German rule in 1866. Liechtenstein celebrates its National Day on August 15. Its national holiday was created by combining the Assumption Feast and the birthday of Prince Franz Josef II, the reigning prince at the time.

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