Independence Day 2022: Tips For Students to Deliver a Remarkable 1-Minute Speech on August 15

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 2022: Independence Day celebrations are a mandatory event in schools, society functions etc, and why shouldn’t they be? It gives us immense pride to honour our freedom fighters and their sacrifices that allow us to enjoy a democratic, republic life, and we are indebted to their contribution in India’s sovereignty and total independence today.

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To mark the importance of the historic day in Indian history, students often prepare a speech to be delivered at functions. Here are some tips to ace your script:

  1. Do your homework well
    Read all the important facts and figures before writing your final speech. It’ll prevent you from cutting a sorry figure in front of everyone if you accidentally spoke of a wrong freedom fighter, or a wrong date.
  2. Substantiate and improvise
    Enhance the quality of your speech by adding elements like who designed the flag. Research well, and people will appreciate your informative speech.
  3. Keep sentences short, steer clear of jargons
    Students’ speeches are listened to by many young children, and if they don’t understand a few things from the speech due to the complexity of the writing, then it fails the purpose of the speech. So keep it concise, simple, and to-the-point.
  4. Ensure a structural flow, for easy comprehension
    Make chronological sense of the speech. Begin with an introductory paragraph, introducing yourself and explaining the topic of your speech. Then comes the crucial part, the main body. Focus on the major battles against the British rule, mention watershed moments like the Jallianwala massacre etc. Conclude with a futuristic and optimistic tone.
  5. Talk about your role as a citizen of independent India
    Our freedom fighters and countless other soldiers whose names have vanished in the course of history had a vision for an independent India. Discuss how you will carry forward their legacy by making your contribution as a responsible citizen.
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