India Sets Deadline For Mandatory USB C Port On Mobile Devices

Last Updated: January 02, 2023, 17:30 IST

India wants to give companies more time to comply with new rules

India wants to follow EU’s guidelines for USB C charging standard on mobile devices but make some exceptions.

India wants mobile device manufacturers to bring USB C charging ports by March 2025 as per the new details. However, the country’s regime is keen to exempt devices like feature phones, wearables and hearables from the new rule. USB C has become the de-facto charging standard on Android phones for a few years now, while Apple is the only manufacturer yet to offer the standard on iPhones.

But with European Union (EU) also bringing its own charging standard rule, the company is now being forced to ditch its lightning connector in favour of USB C, which could be introduced with the iPhone 16 model in 2024. EU has given a deadline of December 28, 2024, for companies to comply with the new charging standard, giving Apple enough time.

And with India also drafting a similar rule, albeit with March 2025 as the deadline, it is certain that the Cupertino-based company will have to make wholesale changes for multiple countries in the next 24 months.

India’s decision to not include feature phones in this rule is likely to have been determined by the possible increase in the price of the low-cost phones that still caters to millions in the country via 2G and 4G networks. Having a standard charging tech is imperative with concerns regarding e-waste across the globe.

Companies are investing in sustainable materials to make their devices but one cannot deny that the after-usage service of phones is lacking.

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All this has forced the authorities to intervene, and it is expected that other countries could follow suit with a similar ruling in the near future. Having a unified charging standard will mean that people can use the same charger to charge all their phones, including iPhones.

Having said that, Brazil recently stopped sales of iPhones that were shipped without the charger in the box. So, you have some countries that view this problem in a different way.

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