India’s CERT-In Warns Microsoft Users About New Security Risk: All Details

Last Updated: January 27, 2023, 13:38 IST

Edge is based on the Chromium engine

Edge from Microsoft is based on Chromium engine and it continues to add more users even though it reports new security issues.

Microsoft users have got a new security warning from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) this week, where it has shared concerns regarding a vulnerability in Microsoft Edge browser.

The security body continues to monitor issues reported across the globe, and Edge browser running on Windows PCs is an obvious concern for users in the country. The new alert has been marked with a high severity rating, which means that any security issue can be only fixed if you update the Edge browser version on your system.

“These vulnerabilities exist in Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) which could be exploited by a remote attacker to gain elevated privilege and bypass security restrictions on the targeted system,” CERT-In explained in its vulnerability post.

The note also mentions that Microsoft Edge browsers running on versions before 109.0.1518.61 run the risk of this security issue, which could leave them vulnerable to bad actors. If the attackers get system privileges after bypassing the security, they can easily infect the device with malware to steal information or spy on the user.

How does one prevent this issue from affecting your Windows PC? The good news is that Microsoft has already issued an update to patch this security vulnerability and you would need the Microsoft Edge version 109.0.1518.61 which is available via Microsoft.

Edge has slowly become one of the preferred web browsers for Windows users, which has allowed the platform to climb up the ladder to become the third most popular web browser globally, overtaking Mozilla’s Firefox to this position. Edge has used the Chromium engine to develop the browser, which is also the reference design of Google Chrome, the leader in this segment.

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