Internet Is Crushing Over Kareena Kapoor’s Doppelganger, Asmita Gupta

Last Updated: February 04, 2023, 17:38 IST

Kareena Kapoor’s doppelganger Asmita Gupta.

Asmita Gupta’s lip-syncing and grooving to Kareena’s iconic Nagada Nagada song leaves you wondering if you missed some news report about Bebo’s twin.

Digital content Asmita Gupta has the fan following of a modern Instagram influencer and the face of a star. In fact, viewers think she has the face of a very particular star: Bollywood top actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. Asmita’s uncanny resemblance to Kareena doesn’t end with just looks, though. She’s got a flair for imitating the diva’s every expression, from the simple eyebrow raise to her smile, down to the tee. If you don’t believe what you’re reading, believe what you’re about to see. Asmita lip-syncing and grooving to Kareena’s iconic Nagada Nagada song will leave you wondering if you missed some news report about Bebo’s twin.

The video went viral within no time of being shared online. Asmita managed to perfectly replicate Kareena’s look from the son, starting with the pink outfit, her look, expressions and her dance moves. “One more reel on nagada nagada was a must,” read the caption posted with the video.

Users were puzzled to witness Asmita’s striking similarity to Kareena Kapoor. Many called her Bebo 2.0. One user commented, “For a minute I saw Geet herself, amazing.” Another user wrote, “Look at our new Bebo. She is slaying.” “How did you recreate the look? Can you please do a step-by-step”

Another video of Asmita wearing the same attire and dancing to Nagada Nagada has staked up over 5.9 million views. “One of my fav look from Jab We Met,” Asmita wrote while showing her love for the movie

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On the occasion of 15 years of Jab We Met, Asmita dropped a video in which she lip-synced some of Kareena’s most famous lines from the film.

Geet from Jab We Met is one of the most iconic characters in Bollywood. Her quirky, upbeat, and driven persona revolutionised how women were portrayed on the big screen. This film also proved to be a defining moment in Kareena Kapoor’s acting career.

Asmita is not the only Bollywood doppelganger who caught the internet’s attention.

Previously, a clip of Madhuri Dixit’s doppelganger had also gone viral. A woman named Madhu Sharma shared a video of herself lip-syncing the Kay Sera Sera song from the movie Pukar.

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