Is 'Quiet Quitting' Just a Term for Healthy Boundaries at Work? Twitter Weighs in

Is quiet quitting a thing or is it just another term for setting healthy boundaries at work? That seems to be the debate among young people at jobs of late. Social media users have come up with various interpretations of what quiet quitting involves: it’s generally understood to be doing only what one’s job description stipulates and not going to any additional lengths for it. It’s the post-pandemic era’s rebuttal to the glorification of hustle culture, which meant that one’s job was also encroaching on various private spheres of one’s life.

While many have attached a negative connotation to quiet quitting, interpreting it as doing the “bare minimum”, others have said that what’s called doing the bare minimum is actually simply refusing to overwork and setting personal boundaries.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the phenomenon of “quiet quitting” has followed closely in the heels of what was called the Great Resignation in the US last year. The Covid-19 pandemic not only ravaged physical and mental health, but also exposed pre-existing fault-lines in society.

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