'Is This a Press Conference?: On Air 'Banter' Between Mark Waugh and Dinesh Karthik

Last Updated: February 19, 2023, 22:23 IST

Mark Waugh and Dinesh Karthik had a argument on Air (AFP and Twitter)

Dinesh Karthik and Mark Waugh were involved in a heated exchange. Here’s the complete transcription of the whole affair.

Former Australia cricketer Mark Waugh got into a heated exchange with India commentator Dinesh Karthik and the whole affair was caught on air. It all started to unravel pretty quickly for Australia in the middle as they lost their nine wickets within 90 minutes.

It was 1/31 with Rohit Sharma and Chesteshwar Pujara batting when Karthik asked Waugh about the field the Aussies had in place.

Earlier, Waigh had said: “I’m astounded at this field, honestly. I cannot believe you would not have a silly mid off. You’ve got 100 something runs on the board, you’ve got Pujara who is struggling for runs, he does pad the ball away a lot on the off side. Surely you can have a bat pad off side.”

It was a topic Karthik wanted to dig in on.

Karthik: “I know you’re not happy with the field set, let’s go – what are you talking about?”

Waugh: “I want a bat pad off-side and I want my point up and sort of a coaching cover, that can stay there, that would be a reasonable field.”

The next shot from Pujara went through point.

Karthik: “Mark, if you had the point up that ball probably would have gone to the boundary.”

Waugh: “If you had point up, it would have gone straight to him in the circle.”

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Karthik: “You don’t think he would have found the gap on that one? He had time.”

Waugh: “We obviously think different but if I’m playing against Pujara, I want a bat-pad off-side because I think he’s a big chance of squeezing one out there.”

Karthik: “But there’s not for Rohit Sharma, not talking about that?”

Waugh: “We’re not talking about Rohit Sharma. he’s a completely different player DK.”

Sanjay Manjrekar must have felt it getting a bit testy in the box as he interjected with a score update.

But the pair weren’t done there.

Karthik: “So you’re happy with the field? There’s nobody for Rohit Sharma, you’re okay with that? You’d do the same as a captain?”

Waugh: “I didn’t know this was a press conference.”

Karthik: “It’s a bit of banter.”

Waugh: “I’m going to limit your questions per session, you’re going to get one question right? No more.”

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