JEE Advanced Female Topper Tanishka Kabra Says Create Your Own Preparation Strategy

There is no one size fits all strategy that can help one crack the IIT entrance, believes the JEE Advanced 2022 female topper Tanishka Kabra. The teenager has obtained the All India Rank 16 by scoring 277 marks out of 360. She is the highest-ranking female student in the engineering entrance exam. What works for her is that she got inspired by others but followed a strategy that worked for her.

Advising her peers she said, “listen to what other people, including their teachers, have to say, but choose the preparation strategy that works the best for you.” Her strategy included targeting smaller milestones. Achieving these smaller goals kept her motivated throughout the two years of preparation.

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“I feel setting small milestones and achieving them, kept me motivated and help me stay the course in the long run. But a lot of students don’t have short-term goals. They focus only on JEE Main and Advanced. I think it is not advisable. Believing in small wins is better and can help to motivate students,” said Kabra.

‘Couldnt Manage Time Well, Caught up Later’

But on the D-day of the exam, everything did not go as per plan. The topper said that she could not manage the time well during the exam. “One has to be very mindful of how much time they are sending on each question. I was not able to do proper time management in my paper one but then I rectified my mistake in my second paper.”

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‘Family Support is Crucial’

Even though she has got the rank, the topper believes that success belongs to the entire family.

“The journey of preparing for JEE can be a difficult one, and there will be times when you feel frustrated. In those moments, talking to parents and family members will help,” said the student of Aakash BYJU’s.

Citing the role of her family, Kabra said that her parents were very supportive of her and ensured that she is not disturbed while preparing at home. It was due to their support that the Covid-19-led lockdown and shutting down of physical schools and coaching classes did not impact her performance, she said.

She said that when exam stress became too much she unwinded herself by listing to music or going on a run, and also tried to talk about it with her parents and teachers.

Tanishka’s father is a government employee, and her mother, is a homemaker.

‘Inspired by Chirag Falor’

During her preapration she also got inspired from JEE Advanced 2020 topper Chirag Falor. “While I was preparing for my exam last year, I got to know about Chirag Falor, who topped the exam. I thought to myself that if he can do it then so can I and I think I have come close to achieving my goal,” said Kabra.

Falor not only got rank 1 in JEE Advanced but has also been a Bal Puraskar awardee, IOAA gold medalist. He, however, went on to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

Like Falor, Kabra too participated in Olympiads. Kabra won a silver medal in the International Chemistry Olympiad 2022 in July. Based on her performance in Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Chemistry (IOQC) Part II, Kabra was selected by HBCSE to represent India in International Chemistry Olympiad 2022.

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