Keep your body active with these Yoga Asanas

Yoga is a way of life. It offers numerous benefits to people of all ages. The ancient practice aims to boost a person’s mental and physical well-being through various breathing, flexibility, and strength-building exercises. Regular practice of Yoga can have several benefits including improved strength, balance, flexibility, improved heart health, back pain relief, stress management and better self-care. In a Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi, yoga instructor Savita Yadav suggested some yoga asanas, which can help you in keeping the body active and charged.

Begin with meditation

Whenever you start practising yoga, sit in the posture of meditation and concentrate for some time with the chanting of the word ‘Om’. Concentrate on your breath while gently breathing in and out through the nose.

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– First, straighten your legs forward on the mat. Now move your feet slowly and carefully back and forth. This will relieve the pain. Do this at least 10 times. Now while inhaling-exhale, and rotate your feet. Now open and close the fingers of the toes 20 times.

– To ease pain in the legs, bend one knee and hold it with the hand and keep the waist straight. Now raise the legs straight 10 times and then keep them on the floor. Now do this same with the other leg.

Watch the video to understand it in detail.

Now bend both the legs and sit in the posture of Padmasana and raise both hands towards the sky while slowly inhaling. Stay in this posture for some time and stretch the body by turning back to the left while exhaling. Now, inhale and raise the hands while moving forward and look back while moving both the hands to the right side and lower the hands. Perform this at least 10 times.

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Place one hand on your knee and one behind on the mat. Now, duck-walk on the mat from one side to the other. Do this according to your ability.

Watch the full exercise in the video link for a better understanding.

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