LinkedIn User Shares Heartwarming Tale Of What His Uber Driver Did For Him

In what comes as a heartwarming incident, a LinkedIn user shared a story where he talked about how his Uber driver was generous enough to organise seats for him after knowing that the passenger has had no sleep. Taking to his official LinkedIn handle, Harsh Sharma wrote, “The person you see in this photo, he’s not my relative, friend or anyone whom i knew until this happened. This Uber driver named Ravi unlike other cab drivers talking on earphones due to language barrier, he saw I haven’t sleep due to my flight.” Along with the post, he shared images of his Uber driver eating breakfast.

“He told me “you sleep, I stop at good restaurant”, 1 hour later he wakes me up. We are at a very crowded restaurant, he arranges a table for me. The restaurant was self service, but he brings menu to me and suggests some specialities of south India,” wrote Harsh in the caption. He further mentioned that they ate together and later he brough coffee and said “isse neend khulegi.” He didn’t let me leave the table, I’ve met him an hour ago still he’s treating me like his son. He further urged Uber Indiato do something for him. Have a look for yourself:

Since uploaded, the post has gone viral and managed to gather nearly 27K likes. “Harsh Sharma while I really appreciate such posts, but on a lighter note, I find it amusing that you were secretly taking Ravi’s pictures. Great post, I hope Uber sees it and awards Ravi for bringing such goodwill to them,” commented a LinkedIn user.

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There are also people who are critising Harsh for his remark where he wrote, “South Indians are gems.”

“Everything what you have written is absolutely fine, don’t differentiate south and north, that too celebrated 75th year of our independence, I don’t see any difference, see only Indian, Jai Hind,” commented a LinkedIn user. Another person wrote, “You’re story and that person are really a gem but one thing to correct you …There is no east west south north India, There is just One India.”

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