Lizzo Fans School Comedian for Claiming Popstar Looks Like 'Poop Emoji'

Lizzo fans have clapped back at standup comedian Aries Spears who made derogatory remarks about the pop singer and said that she resembles the “sh*t emoji”. On the Art of Dialogue podcast, Aries was asked his thoughts on Lizzo’s music, with no reference to anyone’s weight, but he made it a point to go on a rant about how women who really support other women should be reminding them of the health risks of being overweight. He said Lizzo has a pretty face but that she is built like “a plate of mashed potatoes”.

Lizzo’s fans called him out on the insulting remarks.

After the backlash, Aries in a video said that the women calling him “unfunny” and “unattractive” were responding with emotions and anger, not logic. He told them to come at him with “facts”.

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“If the people that are angry particularly women really paid attention to the art of dialogue interview one I even called myself out for needing to lose weight and two more importantly the main point was celebrating the wrong thing there’s a lot of hypocritical women who also bash men at laughters expense but if you’re going to celebrate sister hood while lizzo’s confidence is commendable it’s also dangerous (MYSELF INCLUDED) the truth is in the name of sisterhood ya’ll do more damage in silence than you do in false celebration but that never gets talked about but yet shame on me!! [sic]” He wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Lizzo continues to thrive.

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