London Diary: Truss Takes Charge Even As Boris's Roman Reference Sparks Buzz

Change arrives: Quite a reality show, the change of Prime Minister in Britain. The long wait for a start outside Downing Street from the early hours to hear the last words from Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. To hear what is said, and what is suggested. That then led to a scramble to Google to see who Cincinnatus was, the Roman emperor Johnson compared himself with. It turns out that the Roman emperor had left only to return to reign again. So then we may not have seen the last of Boris Johnson.

And the nation watched two identical planes take off for Scotland with passengers headed for far from identical purposes. Boris Johnson leaving office, Liz Truss in the other flying to the Queen in Balmoral Castle to take his place. The same destination, but opposite political directions.

Then the bewilderment over the route of the Truss cavalcade, watched live by millions courtesy of a helicopter that chased it all the way, and the rainstorm that hit Downing Street moments before the big moment. Until it lifted, micro-moments in time.

New resident: Cameras switched to those waiting outside, a simple guide to the likely new cabinet. Those were the confident ones, likely those who had been sounded already, while others sat and waited, out of sight, for a phone call that could elevate their lives into the status of ministers.

The suspense built up as the motorcade crossed over Westminster Bridge, just past the Houses of Parliament. Looping around to give the last few drops of rain to pass.

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The gates of Downing Street opened at last to the new PM. Who wakes up with purpose and a smile.

Fresh start: She began with a tribute to her predecessor. But she had not a word for Rishi Sunak. It was the time to make promises. And she did as expected, along expected lines. Building up Britain, an escape from high energy bills within the week, better medical care, getting people working. Delivering on all this will be another matter.

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