Lunar Eclipse 2022: Stunning 'Blood Moon' Photos Flood Twitter As Awed Gazes Turn to Sky

The last total lunar eclipse of 2022 is taking place today, November 8, and the next one of its kind will not happen before the next three years pass. The eclipse began at 2.39 pm according to Indian standard time (IST), while the total eclipse started at 3.46 pm, the Ministry of Earth Sciences said in a release. It is a momentous occasion, with sky-watchers gazing up at the phenomenon in awe. The next lunar eclipse will be visible from India only on October 28, 2023 and it will only be a partial one.

The lunar eclipse is not all of the visual treat that the universe had planned for human eyes today. Uranus was also visible just a finger’s width above the moon, resembling a bright star. Known as a blood moon, it appeared reddish-orange from the light of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises. Here are photos from across the world as people turned their awed gazes upwards.

The lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and the Earth are all aligned. The Earth basically gets between the Sun and the Moon while casting a shadow on the surface of the moon. The total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout North America in the predawn hours — the farther west, the better — and across Asia, Australia and the rest of the Pacific after sunset.

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