'Major Respect': B.Com Graduate Sells Idli Sambar on Bike, His Inspiring Story is Touching Hearts

In a heartwarming story, a B.Com graduate student has set up a South Indian food stall in order to earn his living. An Instagram video uploaded by ‘swagsedoctorofficial’ shows the graduate selling fresh food on a motorcycle. Named Avinash, the boy can be seen telling people that he completed his graduation in B.Com in 2019. He further tells that he has worked at McDonald’s for three years. Since then, he has always wanted to open up his own food business. However, due to unavailability of funds, he was unable to do so.

Soon, he realised that he could open up his shop on a bike and therefore he did the same. “Meet Avinash who is selling yummy idli sambar roadside in Faridabad. He is B.Com by profession and worked as team member in many multi national companies. He also served in Mcdonald’s. He is working hard by selling idli’s so he can feed his family. Show some help and support to Mr. Avinash by visiting his stall,” read the caption.

His stall is at Faridabad, NH2 Near Sector 37, Main Entrance. Here is a the video:

Avinash has credited this idea to his wife, who is from Chennai and knows how to cook South Indian food. His wife prepares idli sambhar he sells on the bike. His father passed away last year and now his wife, mother and brother are dependent on him.

Netizens seem to be very impressed by his story. “Well done congratulations for your new venture,” commented an Instagram user.

Meanwhile, earlier the story of this elderly couple went viral. Veronica, 70, and her husband Nicholas, 72, live in a rented house at Adambakkam area in Chennai. Veronica, has been running a small business selling Idlis for over two decades. Where Idlis are rare to find even for Rs 10 a piece, Veronica sells hers at just Rs 1.50 per piece. The good-natured lady goes the distance, literally. She charges no money for delivering her Idlis to the doorsteps of those who leave for work early in the morning. Similarly, if one goes to her home in the morning, they can have 7 Idlis, all for just Rs 10.

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For her daily living, Veronica sells Idlis for up to Rs 300 a day. She then directly invests her daily income for the next day’s preparation of food. She says she does this for satisfaction, not profit. Nicholas, on the other hand, has been working for security at a bank ATM in Chennai, from where his salary is used to run the couple’s daily living.

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