Malaika Arora’s Versace Bralette and a Stunning Knit Pant Is an Absolute Fashion Goal

Last Updated: January 10, 2023, 20:18 IST

If you believed you had seen every style of pant suit there is, wait till you see Malaika Arora’s line. (Images: Instagram)

With the right statement attire, Malaika Arora can definitely turn into anything gorgeous. Here is another piece of inspiration for your wardrobe that truly reflects the Malaika style

Only very few humans hold Malaika Arora’s extraordinary ability to create trends in everything they wear. Malaika Arora only needs a justification to change the seasons in order to make things work. When she debuted her new show, Moving In With Malaika, it undoubtedly appeared to be quite similar. Her exquisite aesthetic is followed by the drama and spice. Wait until you see Malaika Arora’s selection if you thought you had seen every type of pant suit there is. This Shivan and Narresh choice may tear you to pieces, and that is likely the point. A statement is made by the amazing powder ladder knit technique that runs through the flared pants and the jacket. We realise at that point that Malaika Arora is there and that there is always room for more. Then, a vibrant blue Versace bralette appears and adds a wonderful Malaika touch to this beautiful ensemble. Midweek blues are always this gorgeous thanks to the bralette’s plunging neckline and trademark Versace maze insignia on the band.

Have a look at this gorgeous look of Malaika right here:

We want to see more than just her lovely powder blue round sunglasses and white bracelet, which are visible upon closer inspection. Not only was her attire blue, but she also had stunning makeup to match. Her waterline was lined with a vivid blue eyeliner, which effectively warded off the blues, so less makeup was used. Her freshly cut hair was elegantly done in beachy waves that cascaded over her shoulders and seamlessly transitioned into gentle brown tones.

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We won’t mind living with Malaika Arora at all if she keeps dressing in such opulent style.

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