Man Who Claims to Be King Charles' Secret Child Shares New Photo to 'Prove' Camilla is His Mum

For years, a man from Australia’s Queensland has been claiming to be King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla’s secret love child. Simon Dorante-Day claims that he was conceived in 1965 when Charles and Camilla were 17 and 18 years old respectively. Dorante-Day’s claim has, however, never been verified, but he thinks a few new pictures conclusively prove his royal paternity. The Australian man recently shared pictures to prove that the Queen Consort is his mother.

Dorante-Day shared images of himself, Camilla and her son Tom Parker Bowles on Facebook. He wrote that one of his fans had sent him the images because they showed “undeniable physical similarities”.

Take a look at the post below:

The post received several likes and many users came in to support Simon Dorante-Day. One of the users wrote, “I honestly think everything you’re saying has a truth written all over it. I’m glad you’re not giving up and have the support of many others to find it. Good luck.” Another user wrote, “I believe you, Simon…You have a smile like William’s daughter. I pray you get your DNA test. Don’t stop making noise about it.” A third user penned, “Gosh you’d think they would just take the test to stop the rumours, but there’s clearly something to hide. Well…and there’s the simple fact looking at you one just can’t even deny the resemblance. My heart goes out to you that they will one day ease your mind and give you peace with all of this.”

Simon revealed to 7NEWS that the comparisons between him and Tom Parker Bowles are quite interesting. Fans and visitors constantly send him comparisons on Facebook. “However, it’s important for people to know that my belief that Charles and Camilla are my parents isn’t based on photos,” he said. The Australian further revealed that he has a lot of research and evidence that backs up his claims. “And I want people to remember that my case has spent a long time in the courts, trying to find a resolution and my legal battles are still continuing,” he revealed.

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Earlier this year, Dorante-Day claimed that he wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth II asking her to encourage her son, King Charles III, to participate in DNA testing.

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