Man’s Dangerous Bike Stunt on Top of Wooden Pole Leaves Internet Unimpressed

We all have seen bikers performing dangerous stunts on the streets. While some whizz past us at full throttle, others perform wheelies, burnouts, and slides. Although it makes our eyes pop out in amazement, these death-defying stunts can result in numerous accidents. We also come across such bike stuntmen on social media which makes us question – How do they do it?

A similar video of a biker pulling off a risky feat with his bike has emerged on the Internet that has gone viral in no time. The unbelievable video has been uploaded on Twitter by an account named People Are Awesome. The tweet had no caption in it.

The 33-second visual footage opens with a biker, eyeing a wooden pole in front of him. He firms his grip on the bike handles, adjusting his body on the bicycle, appearing to prepare himself for the seemingly impossible stunt. A huge crowd can also be seen surrounding the stuntman, cheering and hollering for him.

Taking his aim, the man hurls his bike forward toward the pole and in a dash glides up on the wooden structure. However, the frame between the wheels of the vehicle gets stuck in the middle. Seeing it, another man rushes to help the stuntman, standing on the ground behind him, in case the latter falls from the pole.

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After struggling with his bike for quite some time, the biker finally manages to steer his rear wheel on top of the wooden pole, balancing himself on the pillar. The amount of energy needed to pull up the bike made the man shaky as was evident from the video.

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The now-viral clip has not evaded the eyes of netizens, who have left no stone unturned to show their displeasure regarding the biker’s life-threatening feat. While one user commented, “Wouldn’t it have just been easier to ride around it?”, another wrote, “No. They are stupid and do senseless idiocy.”

So far, the video has garnered more than 44.2k views and collected over 1k likes and counting on the micro-blogging site. Are you also fond of bike stunts or not?

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