McDonald's Employees Get Into a Brawl While Customers Wait For Orders

A video of two female McDonalds employees getting into a massive brawl has taken social media by storm. The fight begins when one of the female employees throws a food box in another female’s face. Post which the two grab onto each other as they violently pull one another’s hair and begin to land massive fist blows. At one point in the clip, one woman grabs the other neck in a chokehold and slams her toward the drive-thru window. The former continuously pounces on another leaving the entire staff shellshocked.

It takes them a while to register the violent altercation before they intervene and separate the female employees. Throughout the clip, the two women continuously cuss at each other, and when it appears that the heated fight is on the verge of simmering down, the attack begins once again. After breaking up from the fight, one of the women can be seen on a video call, when she gets knocked down with another hard fist on her head. Mounted by the other female employee, she endures massive blows before they are separated once again.

At the drive-thru window, a customer can be seen waiting for his order, meanwhile, the man who is recording the video can be heard encouraging the ladies to continue their fight. Watch the violent brawl below:

As soon as the clip surfaced online, it left many in a state of frenzy. A section of the internet condemned the person recording the fight for encouraging the ladies. A user said, “The society we live with today… ‘Let ‘em fight’ … smh (shaking my head).”

Another joined, “Sad. We are in a world where the hearts of men and women are growing cold. So much anger that you forget where you are, the fact that you have a job, customers, etc. All of that was thrown out the window. We all need more self-control. It was prob over something so petty.”

One more added, “‘Let ’em fight man, let ’em fight!’ How incredibly selfish that your entertainment is more important than someone else’s health.”

The video has amassed over 10 million views on the micro-blogging site. The reason behind the violent altercation and the action taken against the female employees remain unclear as of yet.

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