Meet, Dr Aripirala Yogananda Sastry, a 10-year-old Prodigy With Two Doctorate Degrees

Ten-year-old, Aripirala Yogananda Sastry, is a child prodigy. The resident of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, has earned a doctorate title at such a young age.

Sastry is an astrologer, performs yajnas and poojas, and has two honorary doctorate degrees in Astrology to his name. His accomplishments have secured him a place in the Magic Book of Records, the Influencer Book of World Records, and the Harvard Book of Records. The young boy, a grade five student, is also acing his academics.

Dr Yogananda belongs to an astrologer family. His parents and grandparents have been practising Astrology and performing Vedic rituals for the past 16 years. This played an important role in developing the child’s interest in the field.

Dr Yogananda’s father, Dr Aripirala Kalyan Sastry, told The New Indian Express that his son had first shown interest in understanding how the prediction of the future based on horoscopes works at the young age of five. It was also at this juncture that the child prodigy started learning “Astrology, Vastushastram, and the process of performing Vedic rituals”.

In just half a decade, Dr Yogananda has become capable of performing Vedic rituals and reading people’s stars. He even recites hymns without a single mispronunciation. According to his father, the young genius has so far conducted 70 homams and multiple yajnas.

The accomplished child prodigy told TNIE that he was inspired by his father, who helped people who came to him feeling uncertain about their future. He followed the same path, aspiring to bring peace and confidence to people’s lives by assuring them of their future.

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Aside from doing horoscope readings, Yogananda also runs a YouTube channel (Sanskriti Productions) aimed at providing people with solutions to their spiritual problems. Additionally, he spends time reading mythological books and listening to his parents narrating stories. The wonder boy is the apple of his parents’ eyes. “I am fortunate to enjoy the bliss,” Dr Kalyan told TNIE.

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