Michigan Man, Who Won Rs 83 Lakh in Lottery, Thought Friends Pranked Him

Winning money in a lottery seems like a dream for many. However, when the person wins a huge amount, it is hard to believe. Something similar happened to a man from Michigan who almost neglected his luck thinking his friends were pranking him. The man received an email saying he had won a $100,000 (around Rs 83 lakh) prize in a lottery. The 59-year-old Ingham County player said that he didn’t even remember entering the draw and he hit the jackpot.

The player shared that he got an email that said he won $100,000 in a lottery second chance game. “I thought it was some college buddies who were playing a trick on me,” he added. The player didn’t even believe it after speaking at the lottery office. “I was sceptical about everything. Now, sitting here holding a check, I know that it’s very real!” he stated.

It later occurred to the man that he had scanned a non-winning $300,000,000 Diamond Riches scratch-off ticket on the Michigan Lottery App. It automatically registered him in the September 28 draw.

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He also shared that he has been a lottery player for a long time and has won a little here and there but never thought he will win a huge amount. “I have dreamt about what this would be like, but never imagined it would be a reality,” he added.

According to the Michigan Lottery Connect, the winner recently visited the lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. The man is going to save his winning amount.

Earlier, an elderly couple from Maryland, US, mistakenly purchased three identical lottery tickets and ended up winning all of them. According to media reports the tickets were bought by mistake and the three tickets belonged to the same draw. The couple won a total of a whopping $150,000 (approx. Rs 1,22,82,030).

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