'Mother is God': Video Shows Woman in Karnataka Saving Son From Snake

A video which is currently going online shows the spontaneity of a woman who helped save a child’s life. The footage has been captured by a CCTV installed in Karnataka’s Mandya, claims social media users who have posted it on various platforms. In the video, the woman can be seen pulling away her son before he could step on the snake. All of it happened in the flash of a second. “Her presence of mind saved the kid. Mother But be safe all, this is an eye opener to all,” read the caption.

In the beginning of the video, the woman and the son can be seen coming out of their house. Further, into the video, the youngster walks casually over the step, and the snake immediately pulls back. Have a look at the video:

Since uploaded, the video has managed to gather nearly 90K views. “She’s a mother.. she’d climb mountains and cross seas her child,” wrote a person. Another person wrote, “Presentation of mother’s mind pulled the boy to safety. Great applaud for mother bravery.” Here are a few reactions:

Meanwhile, an old video resurfaced on the internet and netizens are just blown away. The video showed three brave kids fighting off a huge snake which has wrapped itself around their pet dog. The video had been uploaded on Twitter by user “figensezgin.” The video features a dog struggling because the snake wrapped itself around its lower body and hind legs.

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While one boy can be seen trying to pin the snake’s head to the grass as the two younger boys attempt to loosen its grip on their dog. On the other hand, the pooch seems to be confused by the incident.

Since uploaded, the video has managed to gather over 20 million views. “Imagine a human is eating his food and some animal starts snatching their food. This is a natural balance, part of an ecosystem that doesn’t need to be disturbed. We all love dogs, cats or rabbits but this is very natural,” commented a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “I was nervous as heck watching this – great job kids!!!”

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