Netflix Wants You To Buy Its Most Expensive Plan: Here’s What It Offers

Last Updated: February 02, 2023, 20:04 IST

Netflix is giving you more reasons to buy its most-expensive plan

Netflix is making drastic changes to its policies in its mission to get more users on board and make them pay for using its services.

Netflix has been losing users for quite some time now but it seems the company has realised that its revenues can only go up if people pay for its service. And after deciding to end the whole cheat code of sharing passwords for free, Netflix is now giving more reasons to its subscribers to go for the premium tier plan.

The video streaming giant has made a slew of additions to the Rs 649 per month Netflix plan which now offers content with spatial audio support which can enhance the overall audio experience of your favourite Netflix shows in your living room.

Spatial audio is basically watching content with a 3D audio effect that provides a 360-degree audio experience. Netflix claims its spatial audio feature enhancement works natively and you don’t need any soundbar or home theatre system to see the difference. Netflix has spatial audio support on over 700 titles. You can check if your favourite movie or show has the support by looking for icons like 5.1 or Atmos written next to them. Read more about it over here.

Apart from that, you can also have the same Netflix account running on six devices, and watch the downloaded content on all of them. Earlier, the premium Netflix allowed you to access content and download it on up to four devices. You get the streaming quality in 4K or UHD resolution, but only if the content is available in that quality.

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So why is Netflix making these changes to the premium plan? The company says its research has told them that users want the option to download content and watch them offline while travelling. While the upgrade from four to six devices is understandable, Netflix could have given the option across all its plans, and not just the premium tier.

After all, in markets like India, Netflix has more subscribers paying for the mid-tier plan which costs Rs 499 per month and lets you stream content on two devices, and download them as well. Netflix is also cutting down on the scope for people to share their account outside of their home network, and these kinds of alterations might end up costing the company further.

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