New Ather Electric Scooter Variant Spotted Testing, Likely to be More Affordable

As a result of a significant increase in production costs, which have driven up consumer sticker prices, automakers are moving toward more cheap models. The step is being taken as the hiked pricing could turn into a setback for Electronic Vehicles. The purchasing power of consumers in India can be a detrimental effect on EVs, however, there have recently been reports of Ather Energy trying to find a solution for it.

As spy photos of a new EV from Ather Energy appear, it is possible that the company may be developing an electric scooter that is more reasonably priced. To reduce expenses, the new electric scooter from the Indian EV firm might have a smaller battery pack. Ather just released the Gen 3 Ather 450X e-scooter, which enhances a number of areas of the scooter, and the business has received positive feedback.

The 2023 Ather Electric Scooter is anticipated to perform on par with the 450X and 450 Plus. The smaller battery pack will only result in a shorter range.

Top speed can also be somewhat affected. Given that Ather is marketed as a lifestyle product, there will not be any concessions made regarding the equipment list. Another new electric scooter will offer capabilities like turn-by-turn navigation, touchscreen displays, and OTA updates are some of the characteristics expected of the new EV.

Given that the government is discontinuing all EV subsidies, the cost of electric two-wheelers is expected to skyrocket in the near future. Instead, the government is likely to advocate for the construction of EV-supporting infrastructures, such as charging stations, which would mean that a lesser range would not be a major issue in the near future. Ather will be able to retain customer interest and increase sales in this situation, thanks to the more reasonably priced 450X and 450 Plus models.

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