New Year's Eve: Tips for Safer Ola and Uber Cab Rides on December 31 during Night

Last Updated: December 30, 2022, 18:10 IST

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Parties on New Year’s eve usually go on till wee hours of the morning and hence while taking cab services back home, one must be responsible and travel safely

New Year’s Eve calls for an occasion to go out with friends, celebrate, and take in the festivities. Many people choose not to drive themselves to such parties and events to avoid the possibility of drunk driving. They instead opt for cab services that are accessible and make life simpler. Even when taking a cab, one must remember to be responsible and take care of themselves.

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After an awesome New Year’s celebration, a person who has booked a cab to take them home can keep in mind the following tips to safeguard their travel:

Sharing the live location with relatives or friends as soon as one gets into a cab is among the simplest things that can be done. Most cab booking apps including Ola and Uber have a specific trip-sharing feature that enables you to keep the people you choose informed of your location

Similar to location sharing, texting your family and trusted friends the taxi’s registration number will give an extra layer of security for anyone travelling, especially at odd hours like on New Year’s Eve.

Some cab booking applications like Ola and Uber feature sophisticated tech systems that can alert the rider. They send an alert if the cab has veered off the intended route indicated by the GPS or has been stationary for an extended period. This feature is available with Uber’s ride check 3.0 feature, where calling the police through SOS is also an option to safeguard passengers.

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As a precautionary measure, one must make sure to have the phone numbers for the customer service or safety lines before booking a cab. These numbers can be utilised in an emergency situation, such as filing a complaint regarding service or feedback.

Here’s Wishing You a Happy New Year!

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