One of UK's Most Wanted Criminals Walks Free from Portugal Prison after Expiry of 'Time Limit'

One of the UK’s most wanted criminals has been released from police custody in Portugal, LAD Bible reported. Alex Male, a 30-year-old, Weston-Super-Mare native of the UK has been accused of being involved in the distribution of class A drugs in the South West of England, using a highly sophisticated, encrypted, network of communications to buy and sell narcotics in the area and its proximity. Male was arrested at Portugal’s Lisbon Airport back in May 2022, after he arrived in the country on a flight from Turkey. He was earlier placed on the UK National Crime Agency’s (NCA) ‘Most Wanted’ list about three months ago.

The NCA has now announced that Male has been let out by the Portuguese police as the “time limit expired.” Male has been wanted by the police in the UK since 2020, having spent the entirety of that time as a fugitive on the run. According to Mirror News UK, it was believed that he was in the Marbella area of Spain since then. However, the same report suggested that he had left that country recently as well.

A spokesperson for the NCA revealed to LAD Bible that they were made aware that following a habeas corpus application to Portugal’s Supreme Court, “Alex Male’s release was authorized following the expiry of his custody time limit in the country.” The organization also stated that they were liaising with partners in the UK and Portugal to “assess the ruling and its implications.”

However, the NCA made clear that UK law enforcement remains determined to find fugitives and “return them to face justice.” The NCA also told the same publication that the organization enjoys “strong relationships with law enforcement partners in Portugal” and will be continuing honing that relationship in order to ‘ensure fugitives are forced to live life looking over their shoulder.’

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Reportedly, Male is accused of a host of charges surrounding controlled substances. He faces a conspiracy to supply cocaine and ketamine, money laundering, and conspiracy to acquire a firearm while conducting a drug dealing operation between April and June 2020, according to Mirror News.

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