Optical Illusion: Can You Find a Hidden Object in This Image?

Puzzles and optical illusions are one of the best ways to work out those brain cells of yours and if you fancy the same, we have the perfect puzzle to keep you busy this weekend. This optical illusion we are talking about challenges you to find a very innovatively hidden object in an image which is cluttered with a lot of objects.

A picture, recently circulating on social media, shows a very colourful animation of a few children enjoying a hike in the forest. The children are surrounded by tall, dense trees. The same greenery also allows for the clear observation of some animals and birds. Some birds can be seen soaring, while others are spotted perched on trees building nests.

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A peasant and a deer could be seen playfully peeking out from behind some trees. Yes, the image is calm and soothing but here comes the puzzle, so brace yourself. There is also an umbrella somewhere in the picture but it is not easily noticeable.

The challenge is to find the umbrella in the picture within 10 seconds and the artist who posted this image claims that 99 per cent of people who try to take up the challenge, fail. The time limit imposed by the artist on the image makes it all the more difficult.

If you have found the umbrella, congratulations! You happen to be among the 1 percent who solved it. However, if you are struggling even after 10 seconds, we are here to help you out. The umbrella, which is folded, is resting against the trunk of the pine tree at the right corner of the image. It is insanely difficult to spot unless you have a very sharp eye for details.

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So, were you able to beat the challenge?

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