Optical Illusion: Can You Spot The Clouds In This Picture? You Have 10 Seconds

Last Updated: March 04, 2023, 20:33 IST

The image shows a bunch of sheep on a green background.

The image shows a herd of sheep on a green background.

Whenever we try to spend our time on the internet in an intelligent manner, one game that never disappoints us is an optical illusion. The illusive images have hidden elements in them, and the viewer’s challenge is to find them within a given time limit. How fast can you find the solution reveals how high your IQ is and how amazing your observational skills are. One such optical illusion of three clouds hidden among a bunch of sheep is going viral on the internet and the challenge for the viewers is to find all three within ten seconds.

The image shows a bunch of sheep on a green background. Each sheep is in the shape of a cloud with a different expression on their face. The clouds camouflage amongst the sheep due to their similar shape and colour.

Spotting the clouds can be a difficult task if one doesn’t look at the image in an orderly fashion. Make sure you use the 10-second time limit wisely.

Here is the solution:

The first cloud can be seen in the top left section of the image, squeezed between two sheep. The second cloud is squeezed between two sheep to the extreme right of the image towards the middle of the right edge. The third and final cloud is towards the bottom right of the image.

The three clouds are dispersed across the image and the only way to not miss any of them is to scan the image in an orderly fashion a.

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If you finish the challenge within ten seconds, you can be considered intelligent and observant. In case you could not achieve the objective, a little bit of practice can get you there in no time. Several such optical illusions are available online for people to enjoy solving and improving their skills.

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