Optical Illusion: What's Moving Here, The People Or The Staircase?

Last Updated: February 06, 2023, 13:56 IST

The video shows a staircase that spirals down with people walking on it.

A video showing a spiral staircase that gives an illusion that it is moving has gone viral on Twitter.

Several videos on the internet create an illusion of infrastructure moving while in reality, it is static. However, it’s just a few components in the scene that make it seem like a certain object was moving. A similar video showing a spiral staircase that gives an illusion of moving has gone viral on Twitter.

The video shows a staircase that spirals down with people walking on it. At first glance, it seems like the staircase is moving and the people on it are sliding down on an automatic belt. But in reality, this is not the case. The staircase doesn’t move at all and what seems to be like a conveyor belt for people to move on is just an effect created by the mass’s coordinated movement down the staircase. Since most people walking on the staircase have the same pace, it seems as if they are being carried forward and not moving.

The video was posted by Pascal Bornet with the text, “You might think that this staircase rotates. But it’s not! The movement of the people going down gives our brains the impression that the staircase turns in the opposite direction. This staircase is located in San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy.”

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The Italian staircase’s illusion video has gone viral on the microblogging platform with more than 29 lakh views and over 690 likes. The video has been garnering a lot of attention online due to the interesting visuals.

A user commented, “I’m not sure I’m seeing it the same way you’ve described it, and experience tells me to write about my perspective before I lose it – I’ve seen some beautiful things while being wrong. I’m seeing the people standing still and the buildings spiralling (left to right).”4

Another user wrote – “It’s a neat effect… wonder if the designer anticipated it.”

A third user expressed – “For me, it looks like it is turning downwards – so in the “right” direction.”

A lot of others found the video equally fascinating and thought to the very end that the building was indeed moving but that is not the case.

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