Pakistani Groom Flees Wedding to Attend Rally, Bride Urges Imran Khan to Help

People can be crazy for their leaders, but this Pakistani man took things to next level and fled his own wedding to attend a political rally. The bride-to-be was all dressed up and waiting when she learned that the groom had decided to attend a rally rather than the wedding. The bride named Sidra Nadeem revealed to YouTuber Syed Basit Ali that she was getting married to a man named Ijaz. The duo was having a love marriage.

However, the groom fled the wedding to attend former Pakistani PM Imran Khan’s rally. Sidra continued by stating that Ijaz had gone to join the lengthy march known as the “Azadi March,” from Lahore to Islamabad.

Ijaz picked the rally over his own wedding, prompting Sidra to refer to Imran Khan’s “Azadi March” as a “Dulha Chori March” and declare that she will wait for Ijaz, wearing her wedding outfit. She further claims that the groom’s abrupt departure from the wedding has resulted in significant losses because the catering, venue, and other services have all been booked and paid for. Sidra appeals to Imran Khan to send her soon-to-be husband back so they can get married.

Here is the video:

After what transpired, Sidra, an Imran Khan supporter, thinks Ijaz has a greater devotion to Pakistan and Imran Khan. Sidra is also heard expressing that she would accompany Ijaz to future rallies.

Another unusual case of a groom fleeing his wedding occurred in India in September. A wedding reception in Hyderabad erupted into chaos when the groom made the decision to flee the venue after his first wife showed up unexpectedly along with the cops.

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The party was thrown by the cop to celebrate his second marriage. However, the twist in the story was that he did not inform his first wife about the wedding. Talking about the incident, the brother of the first wife, Samreen, said”, “My sister married Syed soon after he came from New Zealand in 2019. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he was stuck here and we took care of his expenses. However, he demanded Rs 15 lakh, which we could not pay. He then began keeping away from my sister.”

Samreen also filed a police complaint against the groom.

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