'Physically, Financially Fit': Harsh Goenka Shares Video on The '4 Keys to Happiness'

Last Updated: January 06, 2023, 16:29 IST

Harsh Goenka Shares ‘4 Keys to Happiness’ in His Latest Tweet. (Image: Twitter/@HVGoenka)

The industrialist shared a short clip from Jay Shetty’s podcast with social media influencer Jaspreet Singh.

RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka posted a video explaining the keys to happiness, and it’s a must-watch. The industrialist shared a short clip from Jay Shetty’s podcast with social media influencer Jaspreet Singh. The clip begins with Jaspreet revealing that if one wants to live a happy and fulfilled life, one must be healthy in 4 aspects. Revealing the keys to happiness, he says, “First, you have to be physically fit. Second, you have to be mentally fit. Third, you have to be spiritually fit and fourth, be financially fit”. He adds that if a person doesn’t have these four things in their life, no amount of money will matter. The social media influencer then goes on to explain each of them in detail. Giving an example, he says that if a person is not well physically well even $10 million in account won’t matter.

“4 keys to happiness,” the industrialist wrote in the caption

Watch the video below.

The tweet garnered over 69 thousand views as of now. Several social media users were left inspired by the video as they penned sweet messages in reaction. One of the users wrote, “I fully agree with this viewpoint. Happiness is the state of mind and not a state of bank balance. Money can buy comfort, not happiness. A small farmer who is not having much money may be more fit, happy, spiritual, content than a big businessman”.

Another user found the video quite inspirational as he wrote, “Great Video Sirji. Good inspiration”.

“If you have Peace of mind, nothing else matters. Poor, Sick does not matter, one and the only thing you need,” a user replied to the video.

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Earlier, Industrialist Harsh Goenka shared his list of New Year’s resolutions. Not one but he listed seven resolutions he seemingly aims to fulfil this year. “NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: 1. See failure as a beginning 2. Never stop learning 3. Teach others what you know, 4. Practice humility 5. Respect constructive criticism 6. Take initiative 7. Love what you do,” he tweeted. Check out the tweet below.

The tweet has received over 83 thousand views ever since it was shared online.

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