Pride Of Lions Caught On Camera Casually Strolling On Gujarat Street

Last Updated: February 16, 2023, 18:02 IST

Lions strolling on a street in Gujarat. (Image: Twitter/@susantananda3)

A pride of at least seven lions was spotted on camera in the streets of Gujarat, sparking thoughts on the consequences of wildlife encroachment.

One of the biggest dangers of encroaching on the space meant for wildlife is that they could come to reclaim it. A video, making rounds on the internet, shows one such incident where a pride of lions in Gujarat were caught casually strolling on the street at night. The clip was shared on Twitter by IFS Officer Susanta Nanda, who captioned the clip “Another day, another pride… Walking on the streets of Gujarat”. At least seven lions were spotted in the clip. They just casually walked up in front of what looked like a security camera. The lions stopped for a little while and looked around. Two lions even scaled the tiny wall at the corner of the street before they all walked away.

The viral clip left many wondering if this was a direct consequence of humans taking over the forests to convert them into habitable places for themselves. Some even wondered if this was due to the lion population now flooding the Gir National Park in Gujarat. Others were simply scared for anyone having to encounter this in real life, calling the clip a “stuff of nightmare”. A Twitter user wrote, “I have mixed feeling about this, sad to see them wander around the city street but happy that the effort to increase their population have bore its fruit. Time to find them a second home after Gir.”

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“Is it because their land is being encroached on over time? Food scarcity? How the safety of the animals and people, and conflicts are being managed? What should be the logical orientation for the citizen to make this a sustainable rehabilitation for the wild animals?” read another tweet.

Another tweet read, “Such sights used to be the stuff of my nightmares – and then I would wake up and realize we are living in a city so wild animals can’t come walking into the streets – but – we made the mistake of building our streets around their forests so they will roam around like this! Terrible.”

Other than Africa, Gir National Park is the only place in the world where a lion can be seen in its natural habitat. This majestic animal in Gir has an average length of 2.75 meters and a bigger tail tassel, bushier elbow tufs, and prominent belly folds. It is also home to 40 species of mammals and 425 species of birds.

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