Rapper PnB Rock Shot Dead by Unknown Assailants in Broad Daylight in Los Angeles

Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock, who is known for his 2016 hit ‘Selfish’, was fatally shot during an armed robbery when he was eating at the Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles on Monday.

The death of the rapper as well the robbery attempt in broad daylight at a famous eatery has shocked and saddened fans and locals alike. The acclaimed rapper was with his girlfriend when the incident occured.

Los Angeles police Capt. Kelly Muniz said the shooting took place at 1:15 p.m. at the famous eatery on Main Street and Manchester Avenue, the Los Angeles Times reported.

PnB Rock, the 30-year-old rapper also known as Rakim Allen, earlier posted a geo-tagged photo in Instagram which investigators believe led the assailants to his location. The post has now been deleted.

PnB Rock was a rising star in the music industry and was almost a household name for listeners of hip-hop music.

The police officials said the suspect brandished a firearm inside the restaurant. After threatening him, the suspect demanded the jewelry and the valuable PnB Rock had on him. LA Police captain Muniz said PnB Rock was shot almost immediately after the suspect charged at him with his gun.

PnB Rock was pronounced dead shortly after he was rushed to the hospital. The suspect fled the spot in a getaway car which was waiting at a parking lot.

PnB Rock became prominent with the 2015 single “Fleek,” and said Canadian rapper Drake was his main influence. He cited Drake’s album ‘Take Care’ as his main source of inspiration. Acclaimed singer Nicki Minaj also expressed her sadness at the news of his death.
She along with another rapper OFFSET also remembered their collaboration with PnB Rock while expressing their grief at the news of his passing.

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PnB Rock earlier during the pandemic survived a similar robbery attempt while he was out with his girlfriend. He was in Fairfax avenue when there was a robbery attempt. His daughter was also present at the spot.

Officials are concerned regarding the rise in “follow home” robberies. The LAPD’s Southeast Community Police Station recorded 34 robberies this year until September and a 25.2% increase in robberies compared to the same period last year.

(with inputs from LA Times)

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