Rare Birth Of Sumatran Tiger Cubs Caught On Camera At England Zoo

Last Updated: February 18, 2023, 16:26 IST

The tiger cubs and mom are closely monitored using CCTV cameras. (Credit: Instagram/chesterzoo)

Two of the world’s rarest tigers were born to the Sumatran mom Kasarna on January 7.

Hidden cameras in an England zoo have captured the birth of two rare tiger cubs. The cubs, who belong to one of the rarest tiger subspecies, were born to the Sumatran mom Kasarna on January 7. However, the birth was officially announced by the keepers after a month. The details of the cubs’ arrival have been kept under wraps as of yet but the entire birth process was captured and monitored using the remote camera technology of the Chester Zoo. However, the keepers are yet to determine the sex of the cubs. The zoo plans to name them once the newborns gain confidence and venture outside, which the experts predict might happen in early April.

Dave Hall, who is the Carnivore Team Manager of the zoo, in a statement revealed that the keepers are closely monitoring Kasarna using CCTV cameras. Notably, this is her first time embracing parenthood with her partner Dash. The team managers also described Kasarna as a protective mom who’s paying keen attention to her cubs. She keeps them snuggled up in her den and also feeds them every few hours. “It won’t be long until they gain enough confidence to start venturing outside for the very first time as a family, which is really exciting,” he said.

The video also states that just 350 Sumatran tigers are estimated to remain in the wild. If the number continues to decline, there’s a major chance that the species may face the real threat of extinction within the next few decades. The Sumatran tigers are also listed on the critically endangered list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Hence the birth of these rare two cubs is considered to be a significant addition and achievement to their global conservation breeding program, which contributes majorly to saving the species from extinction.

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“The birth of two more healthy Sumatran tiger cubs is another significant boost to the long-term efforts to protect these incredible animals. One day, the pair will hopefully go on to make a vital contribution to the endangered species breeding program, which is now playing a critical role in preventing these majestic animals from becoming extinct,” added Dave Hall.

The new Sumatran family has been bonding well inside the zoo ever since the addition of two new cubs to the family. Their adorable antics often get caught on the zoo’s CCTV cameras.

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