Realme 10 Pro+ First Look: Curve Design But What Else Does It Offer?

Realme is ending the year with its new Realme 10 Pro series in the Indian market. The lineup includes the Realme 10 Pro and the 10 Pro+ where all the attention seems to have been given to the latter. Realme 10 Pro+ features the new MediaTek Dimensity 5G chipset and looks to build on the impressive work done by its predecessor.

But can Realme make the design refresh without compromising on other parts of the device? Here is our first look at the phone which has launched for Rs 23,999 in the country this month.

Realme 10 Pro+: It’s All About The Curve Design

Realme has heavily advertised the curve part of the 10 Pro+ and you can gauge the reasons for doing so. We have rarely seen phones with this design in the mid-range bracket, and Realme wants to claim the position of being the first to do so.

Using the curve design means you have elegance and premiumness but also possible to have the wrong touches. Durability is another concern but Realme says it has kept all of these things in mind while choosing a curve display.

From our brief time with the device, we can say the dimensions greatly helped with the use of this design, and with the tall frame, you have a lightweight body that balances out well in terms of grip. The screen-to-body ratio of the Realme 10 Pro+ is also one of the highest in its segment.

The back panel continues to tradition of a flashy and glossy body which has its fans, but we definitely don’t vouch for it. Not only do they catch fingerprints easily, the scratches also show up quicker.

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Realme 10 Pro+: MediaTek Shows Its Power

Realme 10 Pro+ is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1080 chipset, which is said to be the upgrade on the Dimensity 920 SoC. The overall specs of 1080 aren’t too different from the 920 but using a new chipset is not only part of an upgrade, but also fulfils the marketing demands. Having said that, 1080 should easily satisfy most users as long as they don’t indulge in heavy gaming.

Realme 10 Pro+: 108MP Camera Aboard

Realme is offering a 108-megapixel primary sensor on the 10 Pro+ which ideally should be an upgrade on the 50-megapixel sensor that we saw on the 9 Pro+.

However, Realme seems to have made the upgrade at the cost of dropping support for Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), which could affect the low-light performance of the device. We’ll be testing the camera in the coming days to see its quality.

Realme 10 Pro+: Fast Charging Boost

Realme 10 Pro+ has a marginal boost in the charging department. The 9 Pro+ came with 60W charging support, while its upgrade now gets 67W charging speed. The battery size has also been bumped up from 4,500 to 5,000mAh which should aid in a better life.

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