Reasons To Do Away With Waxing And Opt For Laser Hair Removal Instead

Are you tired of ingrown hair and small red bumps due to waxing? Do you feel the results of waxing just last two weeks before hair starts to rear its ugly head again? Don’t look further as you can get rid of unwanted hair permanently with laser. It isn’t an advertisement but the truth.

Laser hair removal has better effects and advantages than waxing. Read on to find out why you should switch to laser hair removal.

Reasons why you should get laser hair removal

Less time consuming

Isn’t it a hassle to find out time to make a salon appointment once in two weeks for waxing? Waxing requires a time commitment from you every time you wish to get rid of your hair. In the case of laser, you only need to visit your dermatologist once a month to see great results.

Better outcome

Laser hair removal is much more effective than waxing. “As the laser destroys hair from the roots, it gives you a long-lasting effect. With laser hair removal, you can get rid of all unwanted hair permanently whereas waxing is just a temporary solution,” says Dr Sonia Teckchandi, Celebrity Dermatologist, Tender Skin International.

No more pain

Waxing is certainly painful. Waxing requires pulling out hair from your skin using hot wax and it hurts the skin a lot. On the other hand, laser hair removal is a smooth and painless process. “It feels like a soft tingling on the skin or a little sensation that is completely bearable. Also, with more sessions as the hair growth reduces, the pain too becomes negligible,” adds Teckchandi.

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Amazing finish

The laser gets to the root of each hair and removes them completely. However, with waxing you may not get that silky smooth finish. With the laser, you are guaranteed to get rid of hair even from difficult parts.


Laser hair removal is indeed a costly process but, when compared to regular salon visits and spending on waxing for your entire lifetime, getting laser hair removal is more cost-effective in the long run.

Good for your skin

Constant tugging and pulling of your skin using a hot wax can lead to skin sagging. “Due to regular waxing, many women experience wrinkles and fine lines on their arms and legs quite early. But laser hair removal not only removes hair but also stimulates collagen. It makes your skin smoother,” feels Teckchandi. Also, with laser you minimize the risk of getting ingrown, dark, or thick hair which is very common with waxing.

So, it’s time to ditch waxing and get an appointment for your laser hair removal as early as possible. Laser hair treatment is like a lifetime investment for your skin. We bet your skin will thank you if you make this switch right now.

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