Remember The Scorpio-N Viral Video? See Mahindra’s Response From Same Waterfall

Last Updated: March 06, 2023, 13:01 IST

Mahindra’s response to viral clip claiming leakage in Scorpio N’s sunroof. (credits: Twitter/@MahindraScorpio)

Despite the heavy flow of water, Mahindra Scorpio N’s sunroof showed no sign of leakage and not a single drop of water went inside the cabin.

Days after a video showing leakage in the sunroof of the Mahindra Scorpion N SUV went viral, the company has shared its response. The viral footage unexpectedly showed the car’s sunroof leaking after it was parked under a waterfall on mountainous terrain. Now, the official Twitter page of Mahindra Scorpio posted a video showing the durability of the SUV by recreating the stunt. “Just another day in the life of the All-New Scorpio-N,” wrote the caption posted with the clip.

As the driver parked the SUV under the waterfall, a camera recorded video of water splashing on the windscreen, windows, and sunroof and not a single drop of water leaked into the car. The company also included a disclaimer stating that the film was filmed under professional guidance.

The video has garnered over 2 lakh views since it was shared on Twitter and several users have applauded the company for their creative response.

One user commented, “Your advertising and management team deserves applause for their innovation and professionalism. This response is just awesome.”

Another user wrote, “No Scorpio harmed in this video.”

“With this video, they continue to live and deliver their brand promise of ‘Explore the Impossible,” another user added.

A user pointed out and wrote, “I think at least 100 owners of Scorpio N with models having sunroof should try this. Then only it can be concluded that Arun’s car was only the faulty one and it is not generic issue in the car.”

In the original video, Scorpio-N owned by YouTuber Arun Panwar experienced significant damage by being drenched inside out after being parked under a high-pressure water stream. Panwar made the choice to try and wash the car naturally after stopping it by a waterfall while driving through the hills. He closed the sunroof as he reversed the car beneath the waterfall, but got shocked as the water drenched the seats, centre console, cup holder, and anything else around through an overhead speaker and sunroof.

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Responding to the video, many claimed that the strong water pressure from the waterfall may have caused the sunroof seals to rupture as in normal driving conditions, a car does not experience such high-water pressure.

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