Retired US Couple Finds Mathematical Flaw In Lotteries, Wins $ 26 Million

We always dream of winning a lottery worth millions and living the rest of our life like a royal, but often, luck is not on our side. But that was not the case with this couple from the United States who have won around $26 million in various state lottery games many times. Their story that gained popularity has now churned up in a Hollywood film, Jerry And Marge Go Large.

According to LA Times, the real-life couple Jerry and Marge Selbee from Michigan, United States used the winning amount to renovate their home. They also helped their grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s education. Jerry Selbee, who is now in his 80s, had worked his entire career as a material analyst at a Kellogg’s cereal factory. The retired man is also known to be good with numbers.

In 2003, Selbee bought his first state lottery ticket from a game called Winfall. As he found a mathematical flaw, he was sure that he would win. “I looked at the odds, I looked at what the payoff would be and I did a risk-reward analysis. It took me less than two minutes to figure out that that game could be profitable,” he told the publishing house.

Speaking to the NY Post, Jerry stated that it gave them something to do every six weeks or so that was completely different. “Being retired, you can only do so much camping, picking rocks, which was a hobby of ours, and things like that,” he added.

Jerry continued and said that it took him several attempts to find the loophole in the game. He said that in the first play he went for $2,200 (around Rs 1.75 lakh) and lost $50 (around Rs 4,000) from it. Then for the second time, he went for $3,600 (approx Rs 2.86 lakh) and won $6,300 (Rs 5.01 lakh). In the third play, Mr Selbee went for a bigger number $8,000 (Rs 6.36 lakh) and he won back $15,700 (Rs 12.49 lakh).

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Jerry and Marge then soon began to play the game for hundreds and thousands of dollars. The couple used to make small trips from Michigan to Massachusetts and deliberately visited small towns to keep a low profile, reported NY Post.

The couple played the last Winfall in 2012, after that the game was discontinued.

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