Rishikesh or Goa? Twitter User's Debate Has Desis Recalling Their Experiences

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Last Updated: January 08, 2023, 17:32 IST

Twitter user starts debate on if Rishikesh is better than Goa. (Image: Canva)

She further clarified that her judgement is solely based on the vibes.

Twitter user Anubha Pandey has started a new discussion on the micro-blogging platform. This happened when she took to the social media handle and shared her opinion on how she finds Rishikesh better than Goa. She further clarified that her judgement is solely based on the vibes. She further added that she has visited Rishikesh four times and spent around 20-25 days in total. With that, she has also visited Goa twice and spent around 15 days in total. “Rishikesh>>> Goa The only point of comparison here is the “good vibe,” she wrote in her tweet.

The tweet immediately went viral and became a topic of hot discussion. After witnessing tons of responsing, she clarified, “Well, firstly, it’s my personal opinion. It could be different for other people. Secondly, I really enjoyed Goa as well. No offence to anyone!” Have a look:

Since being uploaded, the tweet has gathered a total of 9.1K likes. “You’re a mountain person then, not a beach person. It’s not about Goa or Rishikesh. Crowd doesn’t come to Goa looking for peace or to visit temples/yoga camps to give a good vibe. P.S. I’m a mountain person too. And I agree Rishikesh > Goa,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “Goa can never ever be boring or monotonous. This place has got some magnetic powers that attracts people every year on year.”

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One Twitter user also shared a video from Rishikesh. Have a look:

One Twitter user wrote, “If “good vibe = spiritual experience” then you visited the wrong Goa While Goa is known for its beaches & fun, most ppl have no idea that Goa is Devbhoomi created by Bhagwan Parshuram It is home to GSB(Gaud Saraswat Brahmins) & their temples offer a rich spiritual experience.”

Here are a few responses:

What would you prefer? Rishikesh or Goa?

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