Rockstar Games Confirms GTA 6 Footage Leak, Says Release On Schedule

Rockstar Games, the developer behind the popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise has confirmed that it had a leak that gave access to the GTA 6 unreleased footage to the hackers.

The company says it “suffered a network intrusion” which has resulted in GTA 6 footage leaking on the internet, with people able to access over 90 footage videos of the unreleased game. The statement was shared by Rockstar Games via this tweet on Monday.

The developer said it is disappointing that the details of its next game were shared with you all in this way, which suggests the leaked footage is part of the actual GTA 6 gameplay. Having said that, Rockstar Games mentioned that it doesn’t expect any downtime or disruption to its live game services or change its long-term plans for game development.

The company reiterated that its work on the next GTA game will continue as planned. It will be sharing updates on the game release soon, the statement adds. The leaked footage confirms that the game will indeed feature a playable female protagonist, Lucia, alongside a male character. In one of the leaked segments, we see Lucia robbing a store, showing complex gameplay animations, gunplay and NPC dialog.

Several key details, including ‘V.C.P.D.,’ Vice City Police Department number plates and the leaked video showing ‘Vice City Metro Train’ more or less confirms that the game will indeed be set in Vice City, the video game version of Miami, Florida.

Of course, the leaks are low-resolution, but notably, the game is seen running on a PS4 Development Kit in one of the clips. If the game does indeed launch on PS4, the player base will be massive from the get-go. Moreover, this does look refined in some segments, including one where the male protagonist is seen near a water body, receiving slurs from the NPCs nearby.

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