Russia Begins Campaign to Recruits Soldiers for Ukraine War Through Propaganda Videos

Russia has begun a new campaign to encourage its citizens to enlist in the armed forces and fight in Ukraine.

In order to attract more volunteers for the war, the Kremlin has started posting propaganda videos on social networks to appeal to Russian men through the narratives of patriotism, morality and upward social mobility, CNN reported.

The new move to attract new recruits comes as Kremlin denied that it needed more recruits for the Russian war. Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin had attempted to reassure the public that there were no plans for additional mobilization.

A video, posted on Wednesday, features a young man who chooses to fight instead of partying with his friends and then surprises everyone by buying himself a car with the money he made from the military contract.

Another video shows the former girlfriend of a soldier, who is impressed with the courage of the man and begged him to get back together with her, the report said.

One such video showed a middle-aged man leaving his job in the factory that doesn’t pay him enough and sign a military contract to go to the front.

Many of such videos show the war as an escape for men from a bleak daily reality of drinking vodka, poverty and helplessness.

Meanwhile, reports and complaints of shortages of provisions and equipment in the Russian military continue to emerge.

In an earlier meeting with mothers of the mobilized in November, President Vladimir Putin said that it was better to be killed fighting for the motherland than to drink oneself to death on vodka.

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Earlier in September, Putin had announced a military mobilization where more than 300,000 people across Russia mobilized as its war in Ukraine failed to make progress.

The exact number of Russian soldiers killed or injured fighting in Ukraine has not been made public. Thousands of men have fled Russia in order to avoid being conscripted, and fears of a second mobilization in the New Year are mounting.

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