Sania Mirza Pulls Out Of US Open Due To Tendon Injury; Here's Why You Must Not Ignore It

Six-time Grand Slam Champion Sania Mirza recently pulled out of the US Open 2022 due to a tendon injury in her forearm. She got injured during her match at the Canadian Open and now, she has put her retirement plans on hold. Mirza, who had previously announced that it would be her last season in professional tennis, took to social media to confirm that she’s likely to change her retirement plans. The athlete revealed in her statement that she didn’t realize the gravity of her injury until she got her scans.

She said in an Instagram story, “I have some not-so-great news. I hurt my forearm/elbow while playing in Canada two weeks ago and obviously didn’t realize how bad it was until I got my scans yesterday. I have torn a little bit of my tendon. I will be out for a (few) weeks and have pulled out of the US Open.” Calling it terrible timing, Sania continued, “It will change some of my retirement plans, but I will keep you all posted.”

While Sania fans await an update on her injury, let’s know more about tendon tear and how it can be avoided.

So, what exactly is a tendon tear?

A tendon is a strong yet thin part inside a human’s body that joins a muscle to the bone. According to the health website Summa Health, a tendon tear likely happens in the elderly due to medical disorders like gout or thyroid. In young people, it usually occurs as a result of trauma caused by accidents and playing sports.

Why one must not ignore a tendon tear?

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According to Dr. Jayesh Patil, a Senior Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon, ignoring a tendon tear can result in major muscle difficulties and even lead to permanent impairment. He said, “Ignoring a torn tendon can lead to major muscle
difficulties, and if the injury isn’t treated quickly, it can occasionally
cause permanent impairment.” As per Summa Health, a person with a tendon tear undergoes severe and excruciating pain, severe weakness, reduced range of
motion, inability to bear weight, and inflammation.

What are the precautionary measures?

Dr. Patil asserts that athletes often face the situation due to excessive joint tension that causes tendon rupture. In order to avoid the same, it is important that one
must begin their workout routines and practice sessions by warming up. In
addition to this, stretching before and after exercising and taking ample rest
and breaks between workout sessions is also important, as per the expert.

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