Secure Files On Android, In-App Video Search And More: What Google Announced For India

Last Updated: December 19, 2022, 16:35 IST

Google for India 2022 event took place on Monday

Google continues to build real time applications using its AI network and users will get to see its benefits soon.

Google India continues to build real-life use cases with the help of its advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) network which has become the backbone of its operations. Google for India event on Monday was once again the platform where the company showed its skills and applications that come in handy for regular smartphone users.

Google realises that search is an intrinsic part of its business in the country, and millions of Indians use it for their daily purpose. Google has announced a slew of features that will be making their way to smartphone users in India but here are some of the interesting ones that caught our eyes.

Search In-Video On YouTube

YouTube tends to be a popular search tool for many users and Google realises the trend. Soon users will have the option to search for a particular subject within a video. This way you don’t have to forward or scroll ahead in a video to get the specific part.

Just type the common search word and YouTube will directly take you to that part of the video. Google didn’t give a launch timeline for this feature but should be rolling out in the coming weeks, if not months.

Secure Documents on Android via DigiLocker

Google’s close partnership with the Indian government is going to offer a secure way to access confidential documents like Aadhaar, PAN Card and more on the Android smartphone.

The Files app on Android is being integrated with the DigiLocker platform, making sure you never have to worry about these documents. You can secure these documents behind a screen lock and Google says nobody has access to these documents, even the company.

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AI To Help Read Medical Prescriptions

How many times have you struggled to decode the prescription provided by your doctor? We assume that happens every time. So, Google seems to have picked up on this problem and decided that AI is the best possible answer to this issue. During the event, the company demoed the use case where your smartphone’s camera is able to decrypt the medicines given by the doctor. Google is still in the early stages of its implementation so we can’t say when the end user will get to use its potential.

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