‘She Was About To Cry’: What This Bride Did To Cheer Up Her Visually Impaired Sister

Last Updated: February 04, 2023, 18:15 IST

Bride performs with her visually impaired sister at her sangeet ceremony.

“I was trying to remind her that just because I’m getting married doesn’t mean I won’t be there for her anymore,” wrote the woman sharing a glimpse from her wedding festivities.

We often come across videos and photos from wedding festivities that bring smiles to our faces, tickle our funny bones or make us teary-eyed. The recent one to go viral on the internet shows a bride dancing with her visually impaired sister at her sangeet ceremony. The bride, fitness influencer Karishma Patel, shared the heartwarming episode from her wedding album in an Instagram post and talked about her beautiful bond with her older sister Chandni. In the video, the bride first brings her visually impaired sister to the centre of the stage while holding her hands. Karishma and Chandni then start dancing to Yaadein’s song Eli Re Eli. Chandni can be seen grooving gracefully and completing each step, in sync with her sister. At the beginning of the video, Chandni seems nervous, however, she gets comfortable halfway through their performance.

Karishma, while sharing the video in November last year, wrote, “My sister Chandni (who is visually impaired) and I shared a special moment at my sangeet.” Karishma added, “During the dance I’m talking to her because she was about to cry – she was very emotional all weekend because I was getting married and I was trying to make her laugh the entire time and remind her that just because I’m getting married doesn’t mean I won’t be there for her anymore. We have a different kind of relationship, she’s my older sister but to me she’s my little sister who I’ve always looked out for, taken care of and would get into trouble with me.”

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Further in her post, Karishma also shared that her visually impaired sister, who is also a “beautiful singer,” practiced with their cousins for the dance performance when she “wasn’t able to be there in person.” The influencer added, “I knew it would mean a lot to her and me for her to be a part of our family dance.”

Karishma’s emotional memory from her wedding moved many social media users. One of them commented, “This is so powerful and speaks to the true bond in womanhood, sisterhood, and friendship. Beautiful and empowering.” Another wrote, “I have tears rolling down. This is so special. Thank you for bringing this to the feed and inspiring us all. We are so much stronger than we think we are. Hugs and love to you and your sister.”

The video has, as of now, garnered over 85 thousand likes on Instagram.

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