Signal Finally Decides To Remove SMS Support From Android App: What It Means

Signal is finally ready to give up on the SMS technology for its messaging app, allowing the platform to evolve and cater to more advanced features that you have on other messaging apps. Now, most of you might be confused as to why Signal was operating on SMS which has now become old and insecure. So, from now on Android users with Signal will get the latest security measures, to protect their messages.

The platform started its journey before the messaging tech had evolved, so SMS was the best route to make Signal work.

But with the growing concerns about SMS and its outdated encryption standards, Signal has decided it’s time to move on and use more advanced features for its messaging solution.

In addition to this, having it run on SMS meant that Signal messages were chargeable in some regions, which wasn’t the case in the US. But removing SMS support allows Signal to operate in the OTT messaging app ecosystem.

In fact, the platform can now incorporate more features, which makes it more appealing to the new-gen users, who continue to rely on WhatsApp even though there are other apps on the market. Signal says the transition from SMS will be smooth, and the platform will keep its users informed about the future changes that will be visible in the coming months.

One such feature that Signal users will be getting soon is Stories. Just like Instagram and Snapchat, Signal users will be able to post content that automatically disappears after 24 hours. Stories for Signal is coming to the Android beta version 5.52 and for iOS users, the version is 5.57. Stories will be available in the form of a new tab which is right next to the Chats section at the bottom of the app’s interface.

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