Stephen King Tweets About Usage of Soap Bar And Desis Have Some Hilarious Responses

Author Stephen King recently took to his official Twitter handle and made a tweet asking people about a generic question that most people have wondered about at some time in their life. What came as a surprise was that the tweet went viral within a few hours and garnered thousands of responses. His tweet is about the usage of a soap bar. “Is it possible to use a bar of soap completely? Until it, like, disappears? Discuss and get back to me,” the author wrote. Have a look at the tweet:

Since uploaded, the tweet has garnered nearly 150K likes. “I use a large ceramic coffee mug, use bar until too small to hold, drop in mug, add a splash of water, work into lather with old-fashioned Barber’s brush and shave with the lather, have never purchased shaving cream, keep adding to mug as needed. all bars completely utilized!” commented a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “Hi Stephen I was once washing my back passage with a 7month old imperial leather bar of soap so it was quite small and I managed to slip up my bottom and it never came back, hope this helps.”

One person wrote, “It’s possible to use a bar of soap completely; I do this sometimes (but only when I’m out of soap). Once I notice it’s remaining very little, I wrap my bathing sponge around it, pour water & use both at the same time. Any tiny one remaining is mostly used on my hair or face.”

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Here are a few responses:

Meanwhile, earlier, the author made headlines for his exchange with Twitter Chief Elon Musk. “I think Elon Musk is a visionary. Almost singlehandedly, he’s changed the way Americans think about automobiles. I have a Tesla and love it. That said, he’s been a terrible fit for Twitter. He appears to be making it up as he goes along,” King tweeted. Musk was not daunted by the criticism.

“Suggestions are welcome Mr. [King],” he tweeted back with a crown emoji. “The goal is a trusted digital town square, where a wide range of views are tolerated, provided people don’t break the law or spam. For example, any incitement to violence will result in account suspension,” he added.

When a Twitter user suggested that Musk should not listen to King, the new Twitter owner replied, “Stephen King is one of most creative people on Earth. While I may not agree with everything he says, I do actually want to hear it.”

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