Still Wondering How a Starfish Moves? Watch the Old Video That Has Gone Viral Again

Last Updated: November 22, 2022, 18:23 IST

Starfish Representative Image (Photo Credits: File Image)

Viral video of starfish moving on a mirror resurfaced online and netizens can’t get enough of it! The old clip went viral after the spectacular visuals left the internet stunned.

Earth nurtures a plethora of flora and fauna that makes this planet an interesting and beautiful place to live. With so many fascinations around, it’s not feasible to know everything about each of these species. But, nowadays the power of technology has made it easier to grab every inch of information about anything and everything that a human mind can think of! Recently, a spectacular video of an unknown phenomenon surfaced online and it’s sure to leave you in surprise! The old video showcases the movements of a starfish and reveals how the aquatic animal ‘walks’ in water bodies. Were you still wondering about how a starfish moves? Watch the video that has gone viral again!

The video was originally put up by a user, Adam J Calhoun, in April 2020. However, it was reposted by a Twitter account called Fascinating, on November 21, Monday. The viral clip that resurfaced online featured the starfish crawling against a glass. In the close demonstration, the flat marine creature could be noticed moving across the surface smoothly with its multiple short ‘legs’. Those little legs looked like tiny dots moving in unison to support the movement of the aquatic animal. While starfishes are known to be the most ubiquitous marine creatures, very little is known about their movements and ways of mobility. Thence, a video showing the minute details of these invertebrates’ mobility stunned social media users who found it weird yet informative. “If you look even closer, you’ll realize it’s actually doing the moon walk…,” stated a user. Another user tweeted, “Oh, ABSOLUTELY fascinante”. Some of them even found it a bit bizarre as a netizen commented, “I’m impressed and uncomfortable at the same time.”

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Watch How a Starfish Moves!

Starfish or sea stars are beautiful marine animals that belong to the class Asteroidea. They are found in different shapes, sizes, colours, and shades which makes them even more captivating to watch. However, it’s interesting to know that not all starfishes are star-shaped. Strange but true! To what is called a starfish’s movement, they either bounce or ‘walk’ through their feet called podia which get in sync to allow the sea stars to crawl and make slow movements in search of food or prey!

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