Stone Carving Gives Rajasthan's Sikandra a Special Identity, Sales Surpass ₹300 Crore Annually

Rajasthan’s Dausa district has internationally carved a niche for itself in stone carving. Craftsmen from Sikandra have earned their fame not only in the country but outside the country as well.

Dausa’s Sikrai tehsil has a stone market and artefacts and artworks of craftsmen of this place have always been front runners in stone carving in all stone marts and have left even the foreign craftsmen behind. Sikandra’s stone engraving is dominating the international market. Around 20,000 craftsmen are engaged in this trade in more than 600 units of this area and provide desired shapes to the stone pieces.

The flourishing business of craftworks in this area has already crossed ₹300 crore annually. Engraving on the stone is hazardous work and the craftsmen must take many precautions. Due to stone carving, many people associated with this work suffer from silicosis disease and many have died due to this.

What they say

The president of the Stone Market Association, Khairati Lal Saini, said that the stone carving business in the district has touched ₹300 crore annually. Many foreigners visiting this place get impressed by the beauty of stone engraving and even buy their works.

A stone trader, Yadavendra Swami, said that stone for carving comes from Makrana and Bansi Pahadpur. The big stone chunks that come from these places are cut into desired small pieces and then they are used for carving and sold in the country and out of it.

It takes 15 days to 1 month to finish the carving

As per the craftsmen here, it takes them around 15 days to 1 month to finish the carving. On small pieces, they finish carving in 15 days but they take around 1 month to finish carving on big pieces of stone.

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Where they get the stone from

Stones are brought to Sikandra from Gwalior, Sarmuthra, Bijoliya, Nagaur district’s Khatu Bansi Pahadpur, Milti and other places and then they are used for engraving. The carved stones of this area are sold in Europe, Saudi Arabia, the US and Australia and in all nooks and corners of the country.

They have surpassed the craftsmen of Jaipur

Stone carving is very old but in Dausa, the carving is specially done on marble and statues of Hindu gods and goddesses are carved here. Around Sikandra, stone carving is very common and they have been doing this since time immemorial. The businessmen here say that craftsmen do desire carving on the stone while in Jaipur, the craftsmen use different chemicals and powders to decorate the stone. The carving done in Sikandra always remains the same and does not change.

It has great demand in the US, UK, France and Japan

The stone carvings done in Sikandra are in great demand in the US, UK, France, Japan, Italy, Nepal and Pakistan where these carvings are used to decorate hotels and buildings. Earlier, to decorate a hotel in Delhi, stones were brought from Australia and carvings on it were done in Sikandra. People import stones even from Italy and get them carved in Sikandra to use in the decoration of their homes and hotels.

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